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tv   Washington Journal Dinesh D Souza Discusses His Book The Big Lie  CSPAN  August 4, 2017 3:19pm-3:38pm EDT

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i wanted to thank the witnesses. thank you for your work. look forward to continuing to work on this problem with you. appreciate it. >> senator cortez masto? i wouldcortez masto: also like to thank all witness and chair for having this hearing so timely. as we said at the beginning we used up 50% of our resources . this map says it all. we have to keep ahead of this changing conditions which are giving us more volatile, more territory, more really economic and human loss to our nation that we need to deal with. thank you all for your innovative idea. we're adjourned.
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[captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> starting in about 10 minutes on c-span, we will be hearing from rick mcgurk, the special envoy for the global coalition to counter isis. he will be presenting at the state department and we will be here live as soon as his remarks begin. until then, a conversation from today's "washington journal." stopping inuza today as he is discussing his book "the big lie: exposing the nazi roots of the american left. " who will get to the book in a few minutes. first your reaction to the grand jury that has been convened here . subpoenas have been issued related to the meeting between the president sun and the
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russian lawyer. what is your reaction? guest: it is a little bit of the frankenstein-rosenstein creation. because therenot is necessarily any incriminating evidence. i do not object to looking at it. been in d.c. since the 1980's, the independent counsel is tasked with a mission. if they say there is nothing there, and a sense he fails. he views his success is getting somebody, locking them up. there is a logic here that is the wholet makes process not necessarily a search for truth, but a way to vindicate the process. have concerns with this special counsel? can he conduct a special investigation? indications, and i admit
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i am a this level spectator of events, it looks like he is stocking his team with those hostile to trump. that is not inherently bad. i think it may well be that when you combine ideology with the inherent logic of a special prosecutor's agenda it becomes a stacked process. host: do think the process is more stacked when we see bills introduced in the senate to shield the special counsel from being fired? guest: yes. i think when the process gets going it is harder to stop. are trying toyou cover something up and have something to hide. thise been through judicial process myself for exceeding the campaign finance law. what happened is i gave $20,000
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over the campaign finance limit to a friend of mine running for u.s. senate. it seems strange to say that i was naive about campaign finance. a pac, have given to but i gave to two of my friends and reimburse them. the government comes to you and says we will charge you with three things which carry five years in prison. if you plead guilty now we will drop to of the charges. the problem is whether or not you are guilty you have strong incentive to go along and plead to something even if you didn't do it. more thee it was prosecution issue. i've seen the process work. it is not necessarily a search for truth and justice measured for proportionality. victory is measured by what they can get out of it. host: in your case, what did you
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get convicted of? guest: i got a series of analgesics, the most serious was eight months in overnight confinement in a federal confinement center, i got a years of probation, and it makes you a lifelong felon. ordinarily i would say, alrig ht, but when we looked at it no american had been prosecuted or locked up for doing it. do you think your previous work was the reason why there was a special interest in you? guest: i think so. once i really stay 2016 movie attacks on thee movie appeared regularly on the on his personal
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website. shortly after the fbi comes calling. "the big latest book, v.a. lie," what is the story of this book? guest: the meta-story, the way that left is looking at child. since trump's election the big card is not the race card, it is the fascism card. the idea that trump is a fascist. is sort of hitler 1933. a demagogue promising to make germany great again. this is not just rhetoric. reagan andic called bush a fascist. this is saying that even though he won an election he is illegitimate.
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tactics that would be unacceptable, let's get the electors to change their votes, let's not go to the inauguration, let's mount a coup against child, let's have protesters block speakers from campus -- this would be normally unacceptable. but the people that think this is like fighting hitler in the 30's, anything is justified by any means necessary. host: can you define fascism and nazi is him? isst: fascism and naziism not the same. hitler rarely called himself a fascist. quintessential fascist never identified with socialism.tional fascism is the doctrine of a centralized state, a powerful centralized state running the economy and your life.
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nazism is fascism plus anti-semitism. fascism with a deep vein of racism and anti-semitism. host: we are taking your calls as we discussed this book and recent events. dinesh d'souza with us for the next 35 minutes. phone lines are open. republicans, (202) 748-8001. democrats, (202) 748-8000. .ndependents, (202) 748-8002 clearwater, florida, robert on the line for democrats. caller: i am retired military. i am appalled at this gentleman. i watched him many times on his fox one channel, american news all the time. for him to say that the left yearshatred, i served 24
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i did not see that many in the military. for him to get on television and continue to make money off of acks of the lies that he spews, especially on the honorable man barack obama, and continue to support this liar in chief we have in office that put his whole career off of denigrating that honorable man. he is the one that has created havoc on our country with his lies, racism, with all of the separatist stuff he is doing. you know what, mr. dinesh? you do the same thing. host: that is your point, let's let dinesh d'souza respond. example of howan
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our political debate tends to break down a little bit. i wrote about obama and made a movie about obama. the movie i went to hawaii, kenya, indonesia. i was at the obama family compound, i interviewed obama's brother. i wanted to expose that obama was not a traditional civil rights guy. his perspective was anti-colonial, shaped by an international view of the world. this is in obama's own book. there was a hypocrisy to obama. he was demanding of americans we make sacrifices for each other. i said, here is obama's own rather living in a slum in nairobi. living in a hut where you stretch your arms and you touch the walls. there is something odd chanting
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"we are our brother's keeper" and here is his own brother and he hasn't helped him. obama and trump are opposites pursuing a different agenda. host: you said playing the nazi card stems from the election of donald trump. rump and not be a fascist? what tips it into nazism? or fascism? dinesh: i am talking about the guys that wear costumes and they carry bricks as weapons. if i show up on campus, it is not surprising to have these dudes to block me from speaking. it is not like the campus is represented by conservative viewpoints, many times young people do not know what conservatives want to conserve.. if you want to squeeze that point of view, i come on monday
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and i leave on tuesday. this is a fascist tactic. paradoxically, it is carried out in the name of anti-fascism. i am faulting those that justify extreme rhetoric and use it to legitimize otherwise unwarranted behavior. i am not saying every democrat is a hate speech monger. host: george in florida. on the line for republicans. caller: good morning. i think it is all obstructionism. i do not think they have a thing with president trump that is with sticking to a grand jury. if they say it enough, people will not see the follow-up story and believe what they heard initially. i want to ask you one question, please, then i will go. i too am a wounded combat veteran. person isif a black
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thrown -- they let them go for as long as they want to go and they say nothing. host: not true. we try to give everybody as much time as we can. we have a lot of callers. what is the question you want to ask? caller: what i wanted to ask eds, was the officer that di in the army, was he correct when he asked you those questions? dinesh: he is talking about the previous caller. i think you are dealing with someone who is on one side of the aisle. a political debate has become so divided today, if i publish a book, i am happy to go talk to rachel maddow, but i am never invited. it is each cyclops to his own side. it is nice we are alternating calls here, this is one of the few shows where you can speak with people on the other side. i think his tone was strong, but i'm not objecting to it. i agree with this color, i think
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with donald trump the view is they want to get him whether or not he did anything. let's say for example there is no underlying russian collusion, but donald trump said to comey, there is nothing there, leave it alone. he is telling the truth, there is nothing. by saying it to james comey he is obstructing justice. richard nixon obstructed justice, but it was a crime, there was a watergate burglary and there was knowledge. can there be obstruction absent an underlying crime, the left does not care. host: ken in boca raton, florida. caller: good morning. thatafraid dinesh d'souza you are, you are a bridge too far. we have to go back to andrew jackson. beenusly, mr. trump has nazis,y with american
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with the kkk. he does not know david duke but of otherw is unaware trends in our society and what have you. i just, i think you have to recognize that he, you know, in all of his dealings -- you know, historically he does not really pay his subcontractors, he does not recognize certain, certain realities. there is nothing there with russia, well, let us see if there is something there. manafort and all these individuals that are lobbyists. and an unannounced lobbyist for turkey. all of these people that serve on his, or in his cabinet, they
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are essentially billionaires who have absolutely no experience in any of the areas -- i think when hehe he wasn was nominated for energy secretary, he did not even know he was responsible for nuclear weapons. dinesh: number one, with regard to the business of racism and the kkk, david duke is persona non grata in the republican party. he is an outlier and no mainstream of public and will embrace him. robert byrd was the conscience of the senate. clinton went bill to his funeral. the sky was a high official in the kkk and it is important to realize that the ku klux klan, i am not quoting the progressive
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historian, but the ku klux klan was for 30 years the domestic terrorist arm of the democratic party. it was a delegate at the convention that founded the klan. woodrow wilson revived it after it was shut down. it was an extension of the democratic party, with violence and terrorism. you group of ragtag guys, do not say they endorse donald trump because he wants to america great again, they have an actual history. it is closely connected with the history of the democratic party. rty. i guess i will leave it at that. host: you write that the fascist card is used to intimidate republicans. nazism, after all, is the ultimate form of hate and the association with it is the ultimate hate crime. it has turned the tables on the left.
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they are the ones who do bullying and intimidation tactics to subscribe to a fascist ideology. in a sentence before, you said: somebody that is the ultimate hate crime. do you fear that you are doing exactly what you condemn democrats for by saying they are the ones that are the fascists? >> late in the day, summertime. so you all get the good camper awards for coming in. thank you for being here on this friday. we have our special envoy to the global coalition for isis here with us. i know you heard from brett mcgurk a couple weeks ago at the end of the isis coalition meeting in washington, so why don't you come in brett to provide an update on where things stand. without further do, brett mcgurk . brett: thank you. ok, thank you everybody for coming. what i want to do today, we


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